Thursday, 16 April 2015

CBM 128 and 80 column displays

This is a little hardware post to help you along if you ever want to use the C128 with a 80 column display AND you want to use a 1084S D1 or D2 monitor by Commodore.

Personally, I love the display quality of the D models. As I own a Commodore 128 (both the standard version and the D-CR version) I want to make use of the 80 column mode, because I have this weird dream of programming a text adventure in assembler on the C128 and play it in glorious 80 columns mode. I don't know WHY!

When I ordered a cable to connect the C128 to the 1084S D2 I already own I thought that that was it. The text on this website convinced me I had the correct cable:

So when I got the cable and hooked it all up I was disappointed as the signal was not synced.  I thought the cable was faulty. After some research I found out that you need a 1084S D1 monitor, and not the D2 which was the model I tried to use.  If only the website mentioned this.

The bottom text on that site is WRONG!

Well, it needs at least more detail.

There are multiple 1084S types: the D1 and D2. Of course, I was aware of this, but I never knew what the difference between these two models was, and why and when I would have to choose...

Until now that is. Some days ago I purchased a D1 model, hooked it up and yes! 80 columns baby.

There are more differences. The D1 also has a 'green' button to generate a green monochrome display. Nice, but I doubt I will use that :) It might be soothing late at night though.

I've been able to find a manual for the D1 model:

From that manual I've learned that I can use my Amigas with this monitor as well, which is always good to know. Here are the D2 (left) and D1 together. I'll use the D2 for my C64, or use them at the same time on the C128!!

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