Sunday, 28 February 2016

VICE on Linux Mint

A little simple blog post here to document for myself and maybe help you with emulating Commodore machines on a Linux machine.

I am migrating from Windows to Linux Mint 17.3, Cinnamon edition. A big part of the reason to do so is the lack of control over my own machine when I run Windows 10 and the constant information gathering from Microsoft.

A big thing is VICE: I need it :) Installing VICE is easy; it is located in the Linux software repositories, so run the software installer, search for vice and install it. Good to go? No. There is one snag: the installation does not include the ROM files needed to actually start the emulated machines.

A solution for this is to download the Windows version of VICE and then move the needed ROMs in the right folders.

First thing to do is to create a folder in your home folder, and call it .vice. In that folder you create another folder called C64. In that folder you move the following files from the Windows Vice archive: basic, chargen, kernal. These are located in the C64 folder in Windows Vice. Also copy the file d1541II from the DRIVES folder. The folder now looks like this:

You should now be able to start the C64. Adding a disk file should also work:

Excellent. The same thing can be done for the other machines. Apart from the C64 I use the C128, and here is the list of files you need to copy in a C128 folder in the .vice folder: basic64, basichi, basiclo, chargde, chargen, chargfe, chargse, kernal, kernal64, kernalde, kernalfi, kernalfr, kernalit, kernalno, kernalse.

Also copy the file d1571cr from the DRIVES folder. The C128 should now work:

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