Saturday, 14 May 2016

Amiga FS-UAE on Linux Mint

The fs-uae emulator is offered through the software repository of Linux Mint, but it is also downloadable from the official website. Most of the time repository versions are running behind in version. But how much?

Let's compare! Start the software manager and search for uae. Both fs-uae and the fs-uae-launcher will show up. Let's install fs-uae first, and then install the launcher. After starting the launcher we are greeted with this screen:

First thing to notice: the launcher version is behind the version shown on the official download pages: version 2.2.3 (software manager, version from 2013) versus 2.6.2, which is the latest stable version on the official site. Three years of development backlog is too much to cope with so let's to this manually.

Installing the latest version is easy: I followed the instructions on this page: I did not install fs-ua-arcade though, so all I did was:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fengestad/stable
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install fs-uae fs-uae-launcher
Starting the launcher then shows me that I need to select a path which contains to the Amiga Kickstart ROMs. After selecting this folder, and clicking Import, the ROMs that are correct show up in green:

NOTE: When you press import, the ROM files will be copied to the folder ~/Documents/FS-UAE/Kickstarts.

NOTE 2: The ROM files are copyrighted, I will not tell you where to find them , but you know ... the internet ...

To create a configuration, type in the name and press the little white box with a red arrow over it to save the configuration. I called mine A1200-1 as I am sure I will tweak this Amiga config from time to time:

Next up is looking to the right, and selecting the A1200 Amiga model. There is not much left to do now but select the folders that contain the Amiga HD files. I was able to copy the folders I've made earlier on Win-UAE.

The creation of these folders I already posted about in this post.

I prefer to use folders with the files in them instead of HD images. It's every easy to copy files to the emulated Amiga this way.

I created a A1200 folder in the path ~/Documents/FS-UAE/Hard Drives/ and I've put my folders containing my OS and Data volume in there. These paths can be selected from the launcher if you select the tab that has a HD image on it:

Let's start it up:

Nice. I am not too happy about the screen scaling though, but I had that problem on Windows as well.

Let's try an old game we've made somewhere in 199x (well, shamelessly cloned) :

Also working!

I had no sound. Turns out there was a setting in advanced settings that was I added when playing with the setting and had misconfigured. The solution was to change uae_sound_output = interrupts to uae_sound_output = normal.

This page helps with finding settings that can fix (or break :) ) your configuration:

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