Update: Here is a great page carrying some of my Amiga art: Amiga Graphics Archive

Here is a small selection from the pixel-art I have made in my 8 and 16 bit days.

First, a few Commodore 64 pictures. I hacked Koala Paint and replaced the joystick code with mouse code so I was able to use a mouse when drawing. This saved me a LOT of time and was much better for my wrist.

Rastan Saga

Rim Runner

Now, some DPaint images I've created on the Amiga. The first pictures were made on my A500 and later on a A1200 and/or A4000. I'm afraid I lost a LOT of my old disks and more pictures. Snif.

I spent a lot of time in front of my screen in 1990, looking at the year in the picture signatures... :)


The Clairvoyant

Total Recall

The Evil That Men Do

Waiting For Cousteau

No Prayer For The Dying

The Batsucker

Tea Party

Ten Years! (incomplete)

Jurassic Park (AGA)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I will add more when (if) I find more of these files in my stack o' stuff.

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