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My Games

This page contains links to the games I have made throughout the years. You can download these for free. If you appreciate the games, you can donate something which will be used to fund further development of games. Thanks!

Released: 18-9-2016, version 1.2, Freeware, OS: Windows, Linux

This is another remake of one of my favourite side scrolling shooters from the
eighties. The game is based on the Commodore 64 version of Choplifter. There
have been other versions, some better, some worse, but this is the version
that I liked the most and surely played the most... I decided to recreate
an 8-bit version of the game but with added elements which were not do-able
on the C64, or any other 8 bit machine from those days.

Version 1.2 adds gamepad support and Linux executable!

Released: 07-09-2012, version: 1.0, Freeware, OS: Windows
Update: 28-09-2014, version: 1.1, Freeware, OS: Windows

This is a remake of one of my favourite side scrolling shooters from the eighties.
The game plays like the old Vectrex version of Scramble (the best!), but looks like an Atari 2600 game. Also, the landscape is constructed randomly each time you play. It's not amazingly random, but enough to spice things up :)

Released: 15-5-2011, version: 1.0, Freeware, OS: Windows
Update: 23-5-2011, version 1.1, Freeware. Added Mouse/KB controls

While testing new portable portal technology, you and your Portal Device end up in another dimension. The inhabitants of this dimension are energy based beings, and you are not wanted in their world. The entire dimension is hostile towards your ship. Just being in there will damage you and your Portal Device:  the Portal Device will implode in two minutes after entering the stage.

Released: 05-11-2006, version: Freeware, OS: Windows
Update: 25-12-2006: Included the editors.

Defeat the Empire, weaken their defenses, steal their Klystron pods! It's here. If you like your thrusting then here is the game to play. This game features the old Classic levels, remade Deluxe levels and two Xtreme levels. The game engine is from Grid Assault, so expect purty colors and explosions. I've included the object and world editors so create some worlds and send them to me. :) I will add the level to this page if it is good enough.

Grid Assault

Grid Assault

Released: 2006, version: Freeware, OS: Windows

My version of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on the PC. It is written in Blitz Max and it contains all the features of the Xbox360 original. The game is no longer updated and play time is limited to six minutes. After that the game resets. Sorry.

Download: here.

Zone Patrol

Released: 2001, version: Retail

Zone Patrol is a shoot-em-up in space, mixing Asteroids, resource collection and spaceship escorting. The goal of the game is to protect your mother ship from the incoming baddies while collecting power ups and additional weapons, and fighting the odd boss monster. A level is finished by escorting the mother ship into the portal to the next zone. Staying too long in the zone after the portal has arrived will result in the collapse of the zone (taking you with it, of course)

The game was written in Blitz Basic 2D, and the graphics were rendered in Lightwave 3D. See some screen shots from the game on my home page.

You can download the game from sites like Share*It. I no longer have control over this game as I sold it to Kooldog.

Thrust Deluxe

Released: 2000, version: Freeware, OS: Windows

My first remake made in Blitz Basic 2D. The original Thrust was an awesome budget game on a lot of platforms, but I only played the C64 version. My remake contains all the classic levels and adds more levels and features later on, including defensive lasers, lost astronauts and destructible walls.

You can download the game from my home page.